Following up on its debut of the small boxy Urban EV city car at the Frankfurt Show, Honda took the same dedicated electric vehicle platform and put a sporty two-box body on it, called it the Honda Sports EV Concept and unveiled it at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The swoopy little EV is said to have superior handling and performance thanks to its low center of gravity and powerful electric motors, however Honda had few, if any specifics on battery size, electric motor output or even whether the vehicle is two- or all-wheel drive.

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The Japanese auto maker also touted its coming autonomous technology saying the vehicle is equipped with the “Honda Automated Network Assistant”, which employs artificial intelligence that is supposed to unite the driver and car.

According Honda, the exercise is aimed at pursuing “the next generation of sports car design, the low and wide design takes its sports car looks a step further: the unforgettable styling, a friendly front fascia that naturally blends in with any lifestyle, and rich and supple surfaces bring happiness and a even a fondness in ownership.”

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