Honda builds 10 millionth vehicle in its Marysville, Ohio, plant

By Editors on July 23, 2010 12:26 PM

Earlier this week, Honda of America recorded another milestone in its U.S. production history when a 2010 Accord became the 10-millionth vehicle to be produced at its original assembly plant in Marysville, Ohio. Operated by Honda of America Manufacturing, the automaker's seminal U.S. car-making operation went active in 1982 when it began turning out Accord sedans that quickly proved themselves the equal of their Japan-sourced counterparts.

Over the years, Marysville has undergone continuous expansion an upgrading which has helped keep it one of the most flexible and efficient car-making facilities in North America. During its 28 year lifespan, it has cranked out over 8.5 million Accords alone and is currently the source point of nearly all Accords sold in this country. While some V6 sedan models are built at Honda's facility in Lincoln, Alabama, Marysville now turns out all Accord Coupes as well as all Acura TL and RDX models. A longtime and staunch proponent of build-where-you-sell, Honda says that over 84 percent of all of the vehicles it sold here in 2009 were made in America.

Honda began its American business enterprises in 1959 and today has more than 26,000 employees and 14 manufacturing facilities across the country. In addition to assembling various Honda and Acura automobiles, the firm builds a host of engines and automatic transmissions, all-terrain vehicles, lawn mowers and other products. This is also a historic time if Honda's huge engine plant in Anna, Ohio -- which is the automakers largest engine facility worldwide -- as it celebrates its own 25th anniversary this week.