GreenHunter Gets Greenlight To Sell Its Biodiesel in the U.S.

By Editors on January 6, 2009 1:21 PM

Barely three months after taking serious storm damage from Hurricane Ike, the country's largest biodiesel producer, GreenHunter Energy, Inc., has hit the comeback trail in a big way. The Houston, Texas, based firm has just received EPA authorization to start commercial sales of GreenHunder Biodiesel products for on-road use here in America. Previously, GreenHunter had been limited to marketing its biodiesel primarily to customers outside of the U.S. and to providing it for various marine applications in the Gulf of Mexico.

GreenHunter's Houston refinery, which has the capacity to turn out some 105 million gallons of biodiesel annually, is still recovering from its close encounter with Ike. But its Chairman, President, and CEO Gary C. Evans sees a bright future as the firm pursues an aggressive growth strategy to meet expanding worldwide demand for bio-based diesel fuel. "According to the Energy Information Administration, diesel consumption last year in the U.S. was 4.20 million barrels per day, the highest ever. Even taking into consideration a modest decline in diesel consumption this year, demand for diesel fuel is historically very high. Further, whether it is due to renewable fuel consumption mandates, environmental awareness by consumers, or the drive for energy independence in the United States, the demand for biodiesel will continue to grow at double digit rates. GreenHunter is positioning itself to serve the markets, both here and abroad, that are demanding a steady supply of the highest quality of biodiesel."

Evans also notes that GreenHunter expects to continue using 100 percent animal fats (poultry fat and beef tallow) as its primary feedstock. The GreenHunter BioFuels Refinery was designed to be a "feedstock neutral" facility and has produced its biodiesel from five different varieties of vegetable oils and animal fats to date.