Future Vision: Toyota Supra Concept

By KBB.com Editors on September 30, 2011 11:28 AM

Although rumors continue to swirl about the possible return of a new-gen Toyota Supra, the automaker has offered no official word on what the future may hold for a 21st century remake of its affordable rear-drive GT model that's been absent from its U.S. lineup since 1998 -- and out of production altogether since 2002. That uncertainty hasn't deterred Andreas Fougner, a professional 3D gaming artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, from offering-up a well-rendered personal take on what a fifth-generation Supra might look like. 

According to Fougner, this virtual vision reflects a combination of traditional Supra design and proportion with current Toyota-styling sensibilities. Beyond its boldly-rendered rising shoulder line, this would-be future Supra also features a unique integration of the C-pillar and rear quarter panel treatments that gives it a singularly dynamic quality as well as a very cool look. To complete the package, Fougner opted for simple, modestly-scaled and well-integrated front and rear light elements to suitably complement the car's modern-day neo-classic character.

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