Ford upgrades and simplifies MyFord Touch for 2013

By Editors on November 7, 2011 2:06 PM

Responding to customer criticism that the incredibly sophisticated but potentially unwieldy MyFordTouch system could use a bit of functional rethinking, Ford has announced a major enhancement effort aimed at vastly improving the overall user experience. The fix comes in the form of a software upgrade that will first launch on the 2013 Ford Escape, Flex, and Taurus models. It will also be available at no charge to all current MyFord Touch owners starting early next year.

In addition to its simpler graphics, bigger bolder typefaces and easier-to-use controls, Ford says the redesigned touch-screen interface will respond much more quickly to user inputs. Over 1,000 individual screens were tweaked as part of this process, which also included completely eliminating various forms of "low-priority" content. The comprehensive MyFordTouch makeover also adds support for tablet devices and audiobooks, features clearer navigation map graphics and boasts enhanced voice recognition capabilities.

"Our goal when designing the upgrade was to simplify the screens and give customers a fast and easy way to get information at any given moment," said Jennifer Brace, user interface Design engineer for Ford. "That meant removing buttons, relocating high-use controls closer to the driver's reach, simplifying tasks and improving font size."