Ford testing live 'Operator Assist' feature for SYNC

By Editors on July 12, 2011 1:18 PM

Borrowing a page from the OnStar playbook, Ford has begun evaluating a new enhancement to its award-winning SYNC system that will allow all registered uses of its cloud-based SYNC Services to speak with a live operator for help in business searches or address entry for turn-by-turn directions. Ford says that roughly 70 percent of all SYNC Service calls are related to these two specific areas.

Now undergoing beta testing, Operator Assist is complementary to SYNC Services customers and requires no additional software or hardware. It permits quick and easy resolution of any issues that may arise when a user's voice command is not understood or a requested address can't be identified in the database. At that point, the customer merely says "Operator," confirming the request, and is connection is made to a human helper.

"Ford is committed to continuously improving the ownership experience and delivering the level of connectivity that customers want," said Doug VanDagens, director, Ford Connected Services Solutions Organization. "By leveraging what's available in the cloud, we continue to innovate and improve our customers' experience without having to touch the vehicle or inconvenience the owner."