Ford Octane Academy - the ultimate action-sports fantasy camp

By Editors on July 18, 2011 8:11 AM

Convinced you've got what it takes to hang tough with some of the world's best extreme wheelmen? Then it's time to check out the Ford Octane Academy. Setting its sights on attracting hordes of new "millennial enthusiasts," to its youth-oriented products, the automaker's slick new promotion is designed to allow a number of lucky participants the chance to take part in a series of extreme on/off-road challenges with four of the automaker's highest-profile extreme drivers: gymkhana star Ken Block, off-road ace Brian Deegan, X Games 16 gold Medalist Tanner Foust and 2010 Formula Drift champ Vaughn Gittan Jr. When the dust finally settles, the ultimate winner from each of the four Octane Academy competitions will drive off with a one-of-a-kind vehicle created by their respective mentors.

Although the Ford Octane Academy program will officially kick off at the end of July in Los Angeles during X Games 17, the first of its four-day fantasy camps won't be held until November, when competitors will pair up with Brian Deegan in a Ford F-150 Raptor. The subsequent gatherings will match Block in a Fiesta, Foust in a Focus and Gittan Jr. in a Mustang GT. As a special touch, Ford is allowing each of its pros to design their respective Octane Academy courses that participants will attempt to master. Entrants who are selected will receive one-on-one instruction while being pushed to their absolute limits and evaluated for their skills -- as well as for their "attitudes, athleticism and audacity." Top-echelon players also will be eligible to win a number of prizes, and have their experiences shared with the world through an Octane Academy Series online or TV presentation.

To earn an invite to the Ford Octane Academy, applicants must submit a video outlining why they have what it takes to be part of the demanding on/off-road regimen the Octane Academy's founding-member drivers have created. According to Ford, competitors in each camp "will go head-to-head in a battery of creative challenges and daunting dares over one long weekend." If you're ready to put it all on the line, head over to the official Ford Octane Academy website: ( for complete details.