2016 Ford Fusion Buyer's Guide

By KBB.com Editors on February 5, 2016 11:44 AM

A Blend of Something for Everyone

The 2016 Ford Fusion is one of the best-looking midsize sedans out there, strutting out like a car that costs tens of thousands more. What's even more fun than staring at it, however, is watching the Fusion prove itself worthy of our imagination in so many other ways that go far beyond skin deep. For starters, the other top dogs in this class -- Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima -- don't offer all-wheel drive as a possibility. The Fusion is also one of the sportiest handlers of the bunch. Fusion pricing lands right on top of the midsize class leaders, so you won't find a shocking bargain, but you will be driving a car that feels more luxurious than many of the game's other players.

Driving It

Our review of the 2016 Ford Fusion testifies reassuringly that a family car need not be yawn-inspiring: "For a family sedan, the 2016 Ford Fusion is surprisingly fun to drive in either front- or all-wheel-drive (FWD, AWD) forms. Even when saddled with the pokey 2.5-liter base 4-cylinder engine, the suspension setup offers unexpectedly good handling for such a large family sedan."

Award Winner

The Ford Fusion earned a spot on our most recent list of 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000, and the Fusion Hybrid was one of KBB's 10 Best Hybrid Cars Under $30,000.

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything: 42 mpg

When the Environmental Protection Agency gives you credit for achieving 42 mpg combined fuel economy, you've got some pretty strong bragging rights. The $27,000 Ford Fusion Hybrid owns those rights, plus an easygoing nature, so if only filling up once a week for your 110-mile round-trip daily commute sounds like heaven, well then, welcome to heaven powered by regular fuel. And if your drive to work is shorter and saner, the Fusion Energi -- a plug-in hybrid (meaning you can plug it in and charge it for short trips like a pure electric car, and/or run it like a regular gasoline-powered hybrid) -- will take you 20 miles on electric power alone, and you'll almost never have to see a fuel pump.

Coming Soon: 2017 Ford Fusion

At this year's Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled the 2017 Ford Fusion. The midsize sedan will come to market with improved performance, more luxury and updated technology.

2017 ford fusion lowpro.jpeg

You Can Afford a Ford Fusion

Kicking off around $23,000, the 2016 Ford Fusion knows its way around affordable elegance. From there, the pricing, standard-equipment and options story stretches all the way up to about $43,000 for a fully loaded Fusion Energi Titanium plug-in hybrid. Build and price your own 2016 Ford Fusion or Fusion Energi and we'll give you this week's Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

Watch the Video

If you're considering a Ford Fusion, watch the video below twice -- once to fall in love with the looks, and once to become an instant expert on all things Fusion. We shot this video when the Fusion was new, but most of it still applies to the 2016 model (note that some of the fuel economy figures have since been revised).

More Midsize Sedans

The soundtrack to shopping for a midsize sedan in 2016 should be something glorious and anthemic: There has never been a better selection of family 4-doors on the market. If you want to explore your choices further on the way to finding the perfect car for you, your heart and your budget, take a vacation over to our Midsize Sedan Buyer's Guide. We guarantee you'll find the one right answer for you.