2018 Ford F-250 Crew Cab

Starting Price: $38,240 | Price yours

Above Average: Towing, hauling, high-tech towing and safety features

Below Average: Adding features and upgrading trims gets pricey

Consensus: Excellent mix of heavy-duty ability and full-size amenities


2018 Ford F-350 Crew Cab

Starting Price: $39,415 | Price yours

Above Average: Best-in-class towing and payload capacity, high-tech towing aids

Below Average: Massive long-wheelbase crew cab is over 22 feet long

Consensus: If you need to move a mountain, this is the truck for the job


The Ford F-250 and F-350 are the highest-volume sellers in the F-Series Super Duty line. (There’s also an F-450, as well as chassis cab options.) These heavy-duty trucks offer the highest towing capacity of any truck that you can legally drive without a commercial license, and the highest payload capacity. People who buy heavy-duty trucks are willing to pay a higher price for a truck, while sacrificing some ride quality, but in return get an amazingly capable truck. These are the trucks that allow for fifth-wheel or gooseneck towing. If you are considering the Ford F-250 and F-350, there are some factors that make them different, despite looking an awful lot alike.

Ford F-250 Advantages

Smaller than the F-350, the three-quarter-ton F-250 is easier to park and live with than the larger one-ton truck. It’s a well-rounded truck with plenty of capability: the F-250 can tow up to 18,000 pounds (conventional towing, or an 18,500-pound gooseneck trailer) and can carry as much as 4,200 pounds of payload. It also comes in at a lower starting price.

Ford F-350 Advantages

For those who are looking for even more capability out of their heavy-duty truck, the F-350 offers up to 21,000 pounds of towing capacity with a conventional hitch, and 32,000 pounds with a fifth-wheel. Maximum payload capacity is massive, too: imagine being able to carry more than 7,600 pounds of cargo. The F-350 is available with single or dual rear wheels.


Both offer regular, extended, and crew cab layouts, and for all intents and purposes the interiors are the same. Both trucks use military-grade aluminum body panels. Both come with a choice of a gas or a turbodiesel V8 engine, and there are a lot of towing, safety, and infotainment features that make these trucks easier to live and work with.

Final Recommendation

If you don’t need to tow more than 18,000 pounds, the F-250 is a nicely equipped truck with no shortage of available luxury-level amenities. However, if your towing and payload needs are higher, the F-350 is a solid choice that offers best-in-class capability.

  2018 Ford F-250 2018 Ford F-350
Popular Powertrains    
Engine  6.2-liter V8 6.2-liter V8
Horsepower 385 hp @ 5,750 rpm 385 hp @ 5,750 rpm
Torque 430 lb-ft @ 3,800 rpm 430 lb-ft @ 3,800 rpm
Transmission Automatic, 6-speed Automatic, 6-speed
Fuel Economy Not rated Not rated
Also Available 6.7-liter turbo diesel V8 6.7-liter turbo diesel V8
Warranty 3 years or 36,000 miles 3 years or 36,000 miles
NHTSA Overall Safety Rating Not rated Not rated
Max Seating Capacity 6 6
Wheelbase 141.6-176.0 inches 141.6-176.0 inches
Overall Length 231.8-266.2 inches 231.8-266.2 inches
Width 80.0 inches 80.0 inches 
Height 77.9-81.5 inches 77.8-81.3 inches
Turning Diameter 49.5 feet 53.0 feet
Headroom, Front 40.8 inches 40.8 inches
Headroom, Rear 40.4 inches 40.4 inches
Legroom, Front 43.9 inches 43.9 inches
Legroom, Rear 43.6 inches 43.6 inches
Shoulder Room, Front 66.7 inches 66.7 inches
Shoulder Room, Rear 65.9 inches 65.9 inches
Max Payload (Crew Cab) 3,880 pounds 6,950 pounds
Max Towing (Crew Cab) 18,000 pounds 21,000 pounds
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