Volvo's Onboard Heartbeat Sensor

Ax-wielding maniacs. Sure we've all dealt with them, but in this increasingly busy world who has time to stop and deal with the weapon-toting drifter who's climbed into the back seat of their car? No one, that's who. To address this all-too-common concern Volvo offers the Personal Car Communicator. Among other things, this futuristic key fob is synced with a heartbeat monitor in the vehicle and warns you from a safe distance if there's a blood-thirsty psychopath hiding in your vehicle. Very clever stuff.

Car that Comes to Mind: 2010 Volvo S80
Why: This holiday season let's be thankful that some companies aren't just solving the problems we were unaware of but also the problems that don't exist. - Micah Muzio

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