Blind-Spot Monitors

Changing lanes isn't the most tedious task, but it can prove challenging in traffic as you try to check your blind spot and pay attention to what's happening ahead of you. That's why I'm a fan of all the blind-spot monitoring systems that have been cropping up, which warn you of obscured vehicles via an illuminated icon on the side mirrors.

Car that Comes to Mind: 2010 Ford Flex
Why: The bigger the car, the more valuable a system that keeps an eye on your blind spots for you. - Joe Santos

This year, KBB editor Joe Santos is giving thanks for his fiancé, family and frozen yogurt buffets, as well as drivers who actually pay more attention to the road than their cell phones. Aside from discussing otherworldly phenomena and the mysteries of the universe, he sometimes talks about cars on Twitter @kbb_joesantos.

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