Active Park Assist

Ford Motor Company says its new Active Park Assist system uses front and rear sensors to guide the vehicle effortlessly and flawlessly into a parallel parking space. We don't believe them; we think it must be magic. The system identifies acceptable parking spaces for you in an instant, helps you position your car for the parking maneuver and then steers you car into the spot hands-free. Sounds like magic to us.

Cars that Come to Mind: 2010 Lincoln MKT
Why: Big crossovers are useful vehicles but sometimes it is difficult to see their corners and thus they are hard to park, so this magical system is especially useful. - Jack R. Nerad

Again this year, KBB Executive editorial Director is profoundly thankful for his wife, daughters and family, and for that life-long object lesson in perseverance and delayed gratification called the Chicago Cubs. You can follow his obsession with all things automotive @kbb_jackrnerad.

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