City Safety Auto Brake

When I first heard about Volvo's City Safety system, I was skeptical. Do we really need a car capable of stopping itself? But then the inevitable happened - at about 10 miles per hour another driver cut me off and I had no time to react. If it weren't for City Safety, I'm sure there would have been a crunch. Instead of having to replace the bumper or get treated for injuries, all I had to do was nurse my bruised ego. With Black Friday approaching, the thought of crowded mall parking lots has me wishing more cars had such technology.

Car that Comes to Mind: 2010 Volvo XC60
Why: A brand that is synonymous with safety, it's not surprising that Volvo brings us this accident-avoidance system. - Beth Lear-VanderYacht

KBB editor Beth Lear-VanderYacht is thankful this year for her husband, pets and Cash for Clunkers. She's also thankful for clean diesel engines and hopes they get a glowing reception by the public in 2010. Check out her Twitter feed and feel free to comment, ask questions and make suggestions @kbb_bethlear.

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