Good iPod Interfaces

Apple's iPod is renowned for its highly intuitive user interface. So why is controlling an iPod through many vehicles' audio systems such a cruel, baffling ordeal? For example, try pulling up Wolfmother's self-titled album. Go ahead, we'll wait. And wait. Thankfully, Nissan has come along with a proper iPod interface. Hold the scroll button for a few seconds and the screen switches to alphabet mode, swiftly leading you to whatever album, artist or song you desire. ZZ Top, Zero 7 and Vampire Weekend fans, rejoice.

Car that Comes to Mind: 2010 Nissan 370Z
Why: In 2009 there's no reason why disconnecting your iPod, finding the song you want, then reconnecting it again should be easier than using the built-in audio system. - Micah Muzio

KBB video road test editor Micah Muzio is thankful for science, reason and humanity's boundless creative potential. He also likes driving cars, riding motorcycles, flying helicopters and the occasional tweet. Follow him on Twitter @kbb_micahmuzio.

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