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Fast Four #4

By on June 9, 2010 11:07 AM
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Lotus Elise/Exige

Embracing the "light makes right" design mantra that turned Lotus into a legendary name on racetracks around the world, the Elise roadster and its Exige coupe cousin stand out as the hardest-core offerings in our Top 10 list. These mid-engine/rear-drive two-seat featherweights match exotic styling and take-no-prisoners suspension packages with a free-revving 1.8-liter four that's sourced from Toyota but bolstered by numerous Lotus-engineered enhancements to increase output. It develops 189 naturally-aspirated horses and 218 supercharged ponies in the Elise and Elise SC, respectively, but ups those force-fed totals to a scintillating 240 and 257 in the Exige S240 and carbon-fiber-enriched S260 Sport models. Quick, agile and ultimately engaging, the Elise and Exige deliver six-figure excitement for far less. Just don't expect to order either one with a factory-installed navigation system.

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