The editorial staff drives every new model and a couple hundred carryover models every single year. We then turn all that seat time into insightful written and video content created first and foremost for car shoppers.

Here are some of the names behind the reviews and advice at

Jason Allan | Managing Editor, Features
I grew up a few miles from Kelley Blue Book's Irvine offices and smack dab in the middle of Southern California car culture. I've always been more interested in attainably priced modern cars than classics or supercars, and I love helping friends, family and visitors choose the right one. As a fan of driving feel, bang for the buck and our local weather, my all-time favorites include the VW GTI, Mazda MX-5 and Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman, but I'm more likely to recommend a Honda Accord. Before joining Kelley Blue Book in 2004, I studied journalism, advertising and marketing at San Diego State University, and later spent time in the Lincoln Mercury marketing department and at a small ad agency.

Richard Homan | Senior Vehicle Evaluation Editor
If it weren't for cars, I'd be writing about music. Fortunately, cars came first. While still in college, I interned at Road & Track, America's first and finest car magazine, located in Newport Beach, California. It was like coming home to family -- a family that could hire you. After 11 years of this summer camp with track time included, I left my R&T family and got deeply involved with the advertising and marketing side of the car business. By that time, the Internet was cracking like thunder, and I starting creating automotive websites. These adventures led me to Kelley Blue Book and, where I now reside.

Micah Muzio | Managing Editor, Video
I used to be a janitor. Now I test drive cars and produce award-winning video reviews. Clearly, fate has smiled upon me. While some car reviewers worship the automobile as an object of desire, I'm far more interested in the experiences automobiles can provide. That human-centric philosophy guides the reviews I write and videos I produce. When not toiling at the Blue Book I spend my time riding motorcycles, flying helicopters, and regretting having sold my 2002 Honda S2000.

Matt DeLorenzo | Managing Editor, News
My love for cars actually grew out of figuring out how to keep them running. From fixing my dad's cars to changing a clutch on my car in the parking lot at college during the winter, I learned a lot about what makes them tick, but I never figured that I could make a living writing about them. My first job was a reporter at the Peoria Journal Star in Peoria, Illinois, but I moved to California to work at an automotive fleet trade journal. I moved on to Automotive News, where I worked in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and finally Detroit, where I lived for nearly 20 years as editor of AutoWeek and Detroit editor for Road & Track. I finally returned to California in 2007 and after a brief stint as editor-in-chief, freelanced before landing at KBB in the managing editor for news. Along the way, I've written several books on various cars including the Mustang and Corvette, a history of the American auto industry and a 100th anniversary book on Dodge.

Matt Degen | Senior Associate Editor
Long before I could drive, I loved cars. Beyond just absorbing their styles, I somehow realized that every vehicle is its own entity. Cars remain to me more than mere transportation; each has its own personality and a mechanical soul that can set you free. Like their owners, every car has positive and negative traits, and I relish evaluating each to help empower consumers. Before joining KBB in 2012, I was a journalist at the Orange County Register for over a decade, writing about everything from cars to cooking. I have degrees in communications and culinary arts.

Keith Buglewicz | Senior Associate Editor
I could point to the childhood trips to Riverside Raceway, or to the occasional mud-slinging demolition derbies at Ascot Park speedway as the source of my lifelong love of cars. But I think it really comes down to a Hot Wheels car I had as a kid. It was called Side Kick, and it was blue, with a louvered rear window and a massive engine mounted on the left side. When you pulled on the exhaust pipes, the driver's seat on the right slid out. It was the coolest thing my young eyes had ever seen, and as I grew and learned more about real cars, I discovered they were more amazing than any toy could possibly be. I focused my passion for the automotive world into a journalism degree from Cal State Fullerton, and a job covering the import car performance scene before the Fast and Furious movie franchise made it mainstream. These days, as a father and husband, my passions skew toward family friendly vehicles (with the occasional sports car), and helping people find the right car for their lifestyle. There's no better place to do that than here at Kelley Blue Book.

Allyson Harwood | Associate Editor, Features
I grew up a huge fan of cars, thanks to my dad: I helped him while he fixed cars and he would tell me about the history of cars while he worked. He and I would faithfully go to the Los Angeles auto show every year. I started reading his car magazines and building car models in grade school. I was even the weird kid in fourth grade who noticed when her teacher replaced her Chevy Monza with a Volvo sedan and asked her what she thought of her new car. I was sure there was no way I could actually get paid to write about cars. But I got an internship at Four Wheeler magazine, thanks to a happy coincidence when I met one of the editors while working at a local restaurant, my job while at UCLA. I have been in the industry ever since, writing full-time for several truck magazines, then moving to Motor Trend for 11 years while also serving as editor of Truck Trend for 6 years. Making the switch from the enthusiast side to the consumer side gives me the chance to help people make smart choices when they buy cars, which is highly rewarding.

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