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#5: Subaru Forester to Come With "Green Roof" Option

Cultivate a nice, manicured lawn, or grow everything you need for a hearty granola.

Subaru's press release below.

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Subaru Forester to Come With "Green Roof" Option

Cherry Hill, NJ, April 01, 2009 - Long known as a brand for the environmentally-conscious, Subaru is reaffirming its Green credentials with the launch of an optional "Green Roof" for the award-winning Subaru Forester.

A "Green Roof" is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil and planted over a waterproofing membrane. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.

These roofs are typically found in homes or buildings but in an automotive first, Subaru has developed a breakthrough technology using dirt, water and grass seed. The Subaru Green Roof is a Dealer-fitted option and is installed by depositing a 3" layer of soil onto the roof of the Forester and planting a variety of vegetation to the customer's specification.

Green Roofs have a number of benefits: in a recent study on the impacts of green infrastructure and in particular green roofs, researchers found that adding green roofs will help retain rainwater and keep temperatures down, particularly in urban areas.

Subaru spokes person, Aprilla Furst said: "We got this idea from our partners at Greensgrow who are the nationally recognized leader in urban farming. When we became involved with Greensgrow's green roof programs it became clear to us that having a Subaru "Green Roof" Forester was a natural extension of our relationship."

Ugardabe Kydingmee, head of dealer installation said: "We are pretty confident this will work. We've had a couple of trial efforts using the roof rails as a perimeter and so far most of the dirt has stayed on the car. The only problem so far has been in when we go to cut the grass - it's proven quite tricky using a regular mower."

Subaru's parts department also expects an uptick in business by selling Seed Patch Turf Grass or SPT grass. For customers living in Desert regions, Subaru will also offer an Astroturf option.

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