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Dodge Grand Caravan Report #04: Moving Day

By on September 12, 2008 2:13 PM
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Some tasks are best accomplished with the help of a pickup truck. Moving a friend's newly acquired couch is one of them. But what do you do if a pickup truck isn't available? Well, that's just how KBB's long-term Dodge Grand Caravan became moving van for a day. Prepping the Grand Caravan for couch-hauling duties was alternately frustrating and effortless. Removing the Swivel 'n Go second-row seats required a highly choreographed combination of pushing and pulling that, after some sweating and cursing, eventually worked. We were happy, then, to discover built-in wheels on the bottom of the heavy seats, which made moving them easier than taking them out. Moving the split third-row seat out of the way was much simpler, as it power-folded flat into the floor with the push of a button. The Grand Caravan's cargo hold proved tall and wide enough to accommodate the couch, if not quite long enough. But with the help of a little string that held the rear hatch in place during the 20-minute move, the operation eventually proved a success. Consider it a small victory for minivan and second-hand couch owners everywhere.
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