It puts a strong emphasis on the "sport" in "sport/utility vehicle."

With the BMW X3, owners get to enjoy the driving dynamics of BMW's sports sedans, with the added functionality of a SUV. The X3 has less cargo-carrying ability than many other SUVs, but it'll provide all-season performance that resembles its sedan siblings.

Driving It

In our full review of the 2017 BMW X3, we noted that "If you like taking on- and offramps quickly or being zealous on a twisty road, the X3's responsive handling and steering will keep you satisfied, especially in Sport mode. Then add that the BMW X3 SUV is a quiet, comfortable and feature-laden luxury SUV, and you might look forward to your commute instead of dreading it."

Diesel Option

While it's expected to go on sale later than its gas-powered counterparts, the 2017 X3 will be available as a diesel. The diesel engine will put out loads of torque, is expected to give the X3 a range of a whopping 531 miles and offers fuel economy of 27 mpg in the city and 34 on the highway. That's comparable to what you would get with some compact hatchbacks.

Build and Price

The 2017 BMW X3 starts at a touch under $40,000 and can cost upwards of $64,000. Build and price your own 2017 BMW X3 to unlock its Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

Consumer Opinions

Jb83 had this to say about the X3: "By far the best aspect of this sport SUV is the comfort of ride and handling. It is hard to believe that prior user was not happy with the comfort of the seats. Precisely why we decided on this vehicle. Learning to quickly and efficiently utilize the vehicle's features took some time, however well worth it. Technology is not always intuitive to the over 50 set." See more consumer reviews of the BMW X3.

First Review: 2018 BMW X3

The 2018 BMW X3 means an all-new model for the German carmaker. It's the sportiest X3 ever. If you want to see what's next for BMW's compact SUV, read our First Review.

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