Hoping to foster broader adoption of electric vehicles, BMW of America and Volkswagen of America have teamed up with ChargePoint, the country's largest EV-charging network to expand the number of public-access charging stations along two major North-South travel routes: Interstate 95 on the East coast and Interstate 5 on the West coast. Each of the new installations in these "express charging corridors" is slated to have up to two 50kW DC Fast chargers or 24kW DC Combo Fast chargers with the standardized SAE Combo connector. The former will deliver 80-percent battery replenishment to a BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-Golf in about 20 minutes while the latter needs only 30 minutes to reach the same level. The chargers are compatible with other non BMW/VW EV models capable of using DC Fast Charging circuitry. In addition, these stations also will include a number of traditional Level 2 chargers can give about 25 miles of range per hour and is compatible with all EVs. 

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All of the new outlets will be part of the existing ChargePoint network that currently has over 20,000 charging locations across North America. The master plan calls for each to be strategically located inside and between key metro areas and be within 50 miles of each other to help eliminate any range anxiety owners may feel when taking their EV on a long road trip. ChargePoint says it will draw on its existing user data to select specific locations for the new stations. These are likely to include popular restaurants, shopping centers and rest stops as well as places underserved by existing charging facilities or where no infrastructure currently exists. Users will be able to access the stations via a ChargePoint or ChargeNow card as well as by using the ChargePoint mobile app. Phase one of the program, which will have roughly 100 of these DC Fast Charging spots operational by the end of 2015, has already begun with a new station in San Diego County. There are currently about 280,000 EVs on the road here in the U.S.  

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