BMW expands Power Kit offerings for 135i and 335i models

By Editors on September 20, 2011 7:26 AM

Earlier this summer,  BMW announced a 2011 BMW 335i Performance Edition that used a reprogrammed control chip to bump output on the 3.0-liter turbocharged six from 300 to 320 horsepower and raised peak torque from 300 to 333 lb-ft with an automatic transmission and 317 lb-ft with the manual gearbox. At the time, it said that same tweak -- officially dubbed the Power Kit Version 1 -- would be available as a retrofit to all owners of a 2011 335i model with a Sport or M-Sport Package. Now comes word that a second Power Kit Version 2 will also be available, and either can be installed on any 335i or 135i equipped with Option S840 that raises the top-speed limiter and adds an extra oil cooler. BMW says these packages also can be fitted to any BMW X6 produced before April 2010.

Stepping up to Power Kit Version 1 -- now priced at $599 less installation -- trims 0-60 mph times on a 335i from 5.5 to 5.3 seconds. A new feature adds the classic turbo "exhaust blurble" on engine overruns for additional aural excitement. Power Kit Version 2 ($1,199) includes the V1 enhancements while adding an auxiliary water cooler and an enhanced radiator fan. However, that price does not cover the cost of any required supplemental ducting. BMW stresses that these are the only types of "tuning kits" approved and covered under the terms of its North American factory warranty and that cars fitted with the kits maintain their full emissions compliance and EPA fuel efficiency ratings.