Audi Teams Up with Storied Baseball Franchise

By Editors on April 24, 2009 11:00 AM
Audi has announced that it is partnering with the New York Yankees as the team's official luxury vehicle. At first, the partnership might leave you scratching your head, but Audi and the Yankees have quite a bit in common. The New York Yankees weren't always the thriving team that they have been in recent years. Looking at the club's humble beginnings, they weren't the leaders of their league -- but all that changed once they banked on the Babe in 1920. The franchise has never looked back and has had a total of 47 playoff appearances.

Like the Yankees, Audi, too, had modest beginnings, competing with heavy weights like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. And then Audi took a chance on a little Hollywood movie called Iron Man. Suddenly Audi's popularity exploded and the brand was able to increase profit by 2.5-percent in 2008 -- no small feat during an economic downturn. Now Audi is taking on the bigger luxury brands, calling them out in ad campaigns like the hilarious "Meet the Beckers" and its popular Super Bowl commercials.

So the partnership of two brands that have found success after some lucky breaks is not that odd a pairing. Audi has signed on to sponsor an exclusive members-only club in the left-field Suite Level of the new Yankee stadium. The brand's four rings will show prominently throughout the restaurant, including on linens and doors. Audi cars may also be on display for Yankees fans entering the new stadium. Audi's sponsorship begins this year and will run through the end of the 2011 season. But don't be surprised if the Boston Red Sox don't try and woo Audi to Fenway for 2012.