• EV open roadster “fun” car
  • Based on current Fortwo Cabrio EV
  • Inspired by Crossblade and Forspeed concepts

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Smart unveiled the Forease, an open version of its Smart Fortwo Cabrio EV. The roadster, which is meant for fair-weather-driving only, means that this is designed to be a fun car in the family, hence the “ease” extension to the traditional Smart "For" naming convention.

"The smart Forease embodies a refreshingly simple form of driving fun in the city, standing for urban electric mobility without compromise – because, if in doubt, Smart always opts for a consistent approach. The result is a sustainable driving experience built on freedom," says Katrin Adt, the new head of Mercedes-Benz’ Smart unit.

Addressing the vehicle’s open design, Goren Wagener, chief of Daimler design, said "the Smart Forease is proof that Smart thinks unconventionally. Its design is reduced and pure." He added that the shape “is a statement of urbanity and individual style. It has the coolness of the metropolis and demonstrates a truly free spirit."

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Inspired by previous convertibles

Similar to previous concepts like the 2001 Crossblade and the 2011 Forspeed, the 2018 Smart Forease Concept has no roof, either permanent or temporary. Open to the sun and wind, it’s designed to provide its occupants with the feeling of moving through space. A short windscreen helps to deflect some of the wind enveloping the cabin.

While the top is open, safety is a concern, hence the two domes behind the front seats, which provide some protection in the event of a rollover. The exterior of the car is as sleek as its roofless design with handles recessed into the door, and the paint scheme is a brilliant metallic which, which is offset by the matte-silver accents and green accents inside and outside the vehicle.

The Smart Forease also showcases the brand’s commitment to transition to a full EV lineup. It currently sells only electrics in the U.S., Canada and Norway, and by 2020 will extend that EV approach to Europe, with the rest of its global markets to follow soon after.

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