One of the biggest debuts at the 2015 North American International Auto Show is the arrival of the 2016 Acura NSX. After trotting out a few different versions of the prototype at various shows over the last couple of years, the production version of the NSX has finally been made public. It'll fly under Acura's flag here in the U.S. but Honda will market the NSX under its badge around the world. 

"Our commitment was to create an all-new NSX that is true to the heritage of NSX-a supercar that delivers a new driving experience, one where every part of the vehicle is respectful of the smartest part of the car, the driver," said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager of the Acura division. "The soul of a car is the emotional connection it makes with the driver. With the NSX, that connection will be intense and immediate."

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Hybrid power

Following in the footsteps of other recently introduced supercars like the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, and Ferrari LaFerrari, the 2016 Acura NSX will rely on a hybrid powertrain. An all-new twin-turbo mid-mounted V6 engine and three electric motors (one in back and two more up front), will power the latest NSX. Acura withheld output numbers and overall engine size but we expect to learn all of that soon. A twin-clutch 9-speed transmission will handle gear changes and Acura's SH-AWD system will assist the NSX when taking corners or braking at speed. Acura has already said that the 2016 NSX's acceleration is on par with the Ferrari 458, which draws power from a 4.5-liter V8 and is good for 562 horsepower, while returning fuel economy numbers similar to that of a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. NSX enthusiasts will remember that the previous generation matched the Ferrari 348 in power and with today's announcement it appears that the NSX has a new rival in the 458. 

Acura didn't disclose a price for the 2016 NSX but we're expecting it to be in the neighborhood of $150,000. That would put it on par with the Audi R8 and is a bargain when you consider that the Ferrari 458 costs almost three times as much. Honda's Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio has been tapped to produce the new NSX but production will be limited to ensure a high demand.

Expect to see the 2016 Acura NSX on the road later this year. Pricing should also be released by then and, needless to say, we're anxious to get behind the wheel of it, so stay tuned.


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