Shortly after taking delivery of our 2015 Lexus RX 350 AWD F Sport L/Certified long-termer we got to experience firsthand one of the benefits buyers can expect as the result of opting to travel the Certified Pre-Owned route. With its mileage count just ticking over 20,000, we were advised by the Driver Information Center in our vehicle that a scheduled servicing was in order and subsequently headed over to our local Lexus dealer to have it performed.

The $196 L/Certified difference

At this distance interval – or 24,000 months, whichever comes first – the to-do checklist is fairly modest for any RX 350 with a normal use pattern. The oil and oil filter get changed as does the cabin air filter. The wiper blades and brake elements – pads, calipers and rotors – undergo a visual inspection to determine if any show signs of excessive wear, the tires are rotated, driver-side floor mat is checked to ensure it’s properly installed and anchored and the maintenance reminder light gets reset, all of which is followed up by a quick road test to make sure everything else is working properly. Included as part of the deal on an L/Certified model, this baseline servicing on a non-CPO RX 350 runs $196. The inspection gets a bit more intense – and a bit pricier – for an RX 350 that’s been regularly driven in the dirt, on salted roads or used to tow a trailer or carry heavy loads.

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As for other significant touchpoints, our RX 350 continues to roll along in relatively quiet comfort, although we’re still trying to locate the cause of a periodic low-level rattle emanating from its rear quarters or cargo area. Fuel economy generally averages between 19-20 mpg, which is slightly under the EPA’s official 21 mpg combined rating for a 2015 RX 350 AWD F Sport.

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