2014 Volkswagen Golf VII teased

By KBB.com Editors on August 24, 2012 12:57 PM

Although complete details won't be released until next month when the car is officially unveiled in Berlin, several bits of pertinent information about the all-new Gen VII 2014 Volkswagen Golf have now been confirmed. VW's popular compact will be the first model in the firm's lineup to be built on the automaker's advanced modular "MQB" platform. Although slightly larger than the current model and with a 2.3-inch longer wheelbase, the new Golf will be about 220 pounds lighter. Fitted with several new gasoline and turbodiesel engines, VW also anticipates the Gen VII Golf will deliver up to 23 percent better fuel economy and provide a like reduction in CO2 emissions.

Complementing its additional efficiency, the new Golf will offer enhanced levels of safety along with premium-level technology that will include a world exclusive "multicollision braking" system that automatically applies the brakes when the car is struck from behind to mitigate any further damage to the vehicle ahead. Also in the mix are ergoActive sport seats, a Pre-Crash system, progressive power steering boost, adaptive cruise control, lane assist/front assist/park assist and driver-selectable multi-mode profiling capability -- although VW has yet to confirm which of these features will be available on U.S. Golf models

On sale in Europe this fall, new Volkswagen Golf is expected to go on sale here late in 2013 or early in 2014. A new and even more powerful Gen VII GTI is slated to hit showrooms here at about the same time.