Over a month before a 7,500 mile road trip (more on that in the next update) preparations have begun. Part of that prep included a deep dive into our long-term 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel's on-board technology. Our 1500 is equipped with features like the Uconnect system seen through an 8.4-inch touchscreen color display and a 7-inch TFT screen that's wedged between the tachometer and speedometer dials. Both display all the info you'll need on a lengthy road trip including vehicle vitals, current mpg, entertainment options, and Bluetooth functions. 

The 8.4-inch screen sits prominently atop the center console. Unlike other Fiat-Chrysler products, the Ram's infotainment screen isn't angled towards the driver. This is good news for the front passenger as they can easily tune to the station they want, help input directions, or find the nearest rest stop using the navigation system's POI function. Pairing different phones through Bluetooth is simple and only takes a few seconds. You can tether a tablet or smartphone by plugging into one of the Ram's USB ports to keep from turning Bluetooth on and off constantly when switching between devices, too. 

We even paired a laptop through the Ram's Bluetooth function giving us access to the computer's entire music library. Long road trips usually prompt last minute and frantic bouts with your computer's music library in order to update your phone or music player with the latest playlists. However, the ability to simply pair the computer through Bluetooth saves valuable time better spent going through the trip's final check list for the hundredth time. Once everything is straightened out with the smartphones and other devices you can turn your attention to the instrument cluster. 

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The 7-inch Thin Film Transistor screen displays important information like current speed, average mpg, real-time mpg, and time. This home screen is configurable and can be easily personalized by toggling a few buttons on the steering wheel's left spoke. These same buttons allow the driver to go from one screen to the next. The 7-inch TFT screen displays vehicle vitals like transmission temperature, tire pressure, and remaining oil life. You can also look at a more in-depth display of your real-time mpg with an average displayed directly underneath. 

Setting out on a trip that spans the entire country twice over requires intimate knowledge of your vehicle. This includes maintenance as well as getting to know what on-board tech your vehicle has to offer. We'll get into that trip in the next update but even before setting out, we now know what our Ram has to offer. Now it's time to put it to the test.

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