Our long-term 2014 Nissan Rogue is showing no signs of slowing down as it enters month 7 of its year-long stay. It has become a go-to vehicle for those who need a comfortable grocery and people getter. It's also been on a few in-state road trips and has served as a daily commuter. 

Supplying power for all of this comes from a 2.5-liter inline-four cylinder engine and is rated at 170 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque. A CVT is mated to this engine to help with fuel efficiency which the EPA rates at 25 city/32 highway/28 combined. During the regular commute, this powertrain offers adequate power to merge on to the highway and then pass slower traffic if necessary. Coming down from speed isn't hard either thanks in part to the linear feel of the brake pedal. Stepping down on the brake brings the Rogue a predictable halt without any surprises. 

Easy street

Making your way through a crowded parking lot or tight side street isn't as daunting with the Rogue's steering being as light as it is. Maneuvering into a spot or parallel parking is not only easier thanks to this low effort, but being able to see the vehicle's perimeter with the Around View Monitoring system makes close-quarter handling a breeze. Moving at a highway pace, the Rogue's steering has more weight for on-center feel, but it's still easy to move from lane to lane. 

Taking that off-ramp you know so well on your daily commute is easier than you'd expect in a midsize SUV. In other comparable models from the competition (except for the Mazda CX-5), you have to let off the throttle just a bit when entering and exiting an on/off ramp. Not in the Rogue. Coming off the highway, you can come in a little hotter and everything remains under control. Getting into your desired lane is done with a simple tug on the wheel in the direction you wish to go.  

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All-wheel drive 

The standard all-wheel drive on our long-term Rogue makes trips to the mountains (mostly) stress-free. On a recent mountain biking trip, the Rogue managed to slog through some soggy terrain on the way to the trail. Usually in all-wheel drive vehicles, fuel economy suffers. The Rogue uses its CVT to get around all that with economy hovering in the high 20s regularly. Even in the mountains between 26 and 29 mpg in mixed driving conditions. 

The 18-inch alloy wheels are wrapped in all-season tires so a lack of traction isn't usually an issue. Neither is road noise. It takes some effort to make the tires chirp during a hard stop. The Rogue has many on-board safety features to regulate wheel spin in the event of a quick, hard stop including a 4-wheel anti-lock braking system and a vehicle dynamic control system with traction control.

With four months to go, we're happy overall with how the Rogue has performed up to this point. We still have a few more things in store for it though, so stay tuned.    

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