2013 Frankfurt Auto Show: The New Cars and Concepts

By KBB.com Editors on September 11, 2013 11:59 AM
Lexus LF-NX Crossover Concept Audi Sport Quattro Concept Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept 2014 BMW i8 Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept Infiniti Q30 Concept Volvo Concept Coupe 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Opel Monza Concept Kia Niro Concept Smart Forjoy Concept 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet 2015 Audi A8/S8 Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan Concept

The first auto show of the 2013-14 season has arrived, and it brought with it a big batch of new cars and concepts.

The 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show opened this week and we were on the show floor to get a close look at all the new hardware. The concept car contingent was especially strong, with entries like the Volvo Concept Coupe, Audi Sport Quattro Concept, and an early look at what's likely to spawn Jaguar's first crosssover, the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept.

Get a good look in the highlight gallery above, then find your favorites below and dig into the details. And when you're done here, see which of these new cars we identified as the 10 best of the bunch.