2011 Tokyo Motor Show #1

By KBB.com Editors on November 30, 2011 6:50 PM

Honda EV-Ster
Please don't call it "ev-ster."  The Honda folks pronounce the "E" and the "V" separately, before "ster"-ing. While a different name might be more stirring, we certainly can't complain about its looks and future-think. Like the aforementioned Honda AC-X, it eschews a steering wheel in favor of twin joy sticks, which in this iteration seem almost analogous to the handlebars of a motorcycle. The interior of the rear-drive two-seater is motorcycle-influenced as well with twin display panels mimicking rear-view mirrors. Acceleration from zero-to-60-mph is said to take just five seconds, and range is supposed to be something like 100 miles on a charge. We personally dig the side-cove reference to the 1962 Corvette and can't help wishing there's a gasoline-engine version on the way.

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