Swedish boutique supercar maker and new owner of Saab, Koenigsegg, has turned its eyes to the future with the unveiling of the Agera. Based on its existing mid-engined CCR, the Agera -- which means “to act” in Swedish -- introduces a number of subtle styling enhancements and significant mechanical upgrades to the mix. Koenigsegg says it will put this show car through six more months of additional development evaluation before commencing production of the new Agera. At that time, some 12-16 extremely well-heeled enthusiasts will have the opportunity to purchase the literal ride of a lifetime for an as-yet-undetermined amount.

Like its Koenigsegg kin, the Agera’s bodywork is rendered in lightweight carbon fiber. But its distinctively recast front- and rear-end treatments endow the car with an even more purposeful appearance. While the signature lift-off hard roof panel carries, it now reveals a revamped cabin that features a completely new center tunnel/console structure, redesigned instrumentation with an all-new multi-controller unit and something Koenigsegg is calling “Ghost Light.” Employing a network of invisible nanotubes, Ghost Light allows translucent blue illumination to shine through and around the car’s aluminum billet control buttons to add a more futuristic look to the package.

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As for pure performance, the new Koenigsegg Agera comes ready to take on the world’s best supercars. It packs a bespoke version of the house’s 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8. Here, it makes 898 horsepower at 6,850 rpm on regular unleaded and 811 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 5,100 revs, although over 90 percent of that is on hand from 2,680 to 6,100 rpm. That reportedly will be sufficient to send the Agera streaking from 0-60 mph in about 3.0 seconds and carry it on to a pace slightly upwards of 245 mph. To help take full advantage of that motivation, the Agera also boasts the world’s fastest-acting and driver-selectable traction control system, enhanced adjustable anti-lock brakes fitted with ventilated/drilled ceramic discs that promise zero-fade capabilities and a new strain of Michelin performance tires developed specifically for this fitment -- boots Koenigsegg says it expects will raise the Agera’s overall grip to a new benchmark level.

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