Piggybacking on the Geneva debut of its new Audi A1 production model, the automaker also is displaying the latest in its expanding line of e-tron exercises. Although still categorized as a design study, the Audi A1 e-tron clearly has its roots in reality. Smartly styled, this extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) is a forerunner to a future Audi Mega City Car.

Direct motivation of the A1 e-tron comes from a 102-horse motor/generator unit that turns out 61 horsepower/111 lb.-ft. of torque on a continuous basis but is capable of up to 102 horsepower/177 lb.-ft. of twist in short bursts. It drives the front wheels and is energized by a compact T-shaped Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack located in the rear area beneath the floor to improve balance. In pure EV mode, Audi says the A1 e-tron can travel up to 31 miles.

While plug-in replenishment and regenerative braking systems are integral elements in the car's zero-emissions mix, the Audi A1 e-tron also is fitted with a 254cc single-rotor, gasoline-powered Wankel engine to top up the battery and stretch total range by an additional 124 miles. Smooth, quiet and optimized to operate at a constant 5,000 rpm, this rotary helper assists the A1 e-tron to return the equivalent of 123.8 mpg per the existing "draft standards" for E-REVs while producing just 72.42 grams/mile of CO2 emissions.

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The A1 e-tron Concept also brings its own unique visual presence highlighted by eco-oriented Aqua Mint pearlescent paint framed by a roof arch rail in High Gloss Steel Dark. Audi left the rear diffuser panel intentionally free of any tailpipe outlet to further reinforce its low-emission persona. The exterior color carries over to the A1 e-tron's interior trim, effectively complementing its Ebony seat coverings and Alabaster White headliner.

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