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2010 Ford Mustang: Internet Tease

By on October 29, 2008 9:05 AM
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Ford is slowly revealing the details of the 2010 Mustang at New photos will be posted weekly until the complete car is shown to the public in late November at the Los Angeles auto show. In a press release announcing the site, Ford promised "an even more muscular" car that "emphasizes (the) Mustang's muscle-car DNA". That's stylist-speak for, "We didn't change it much." The biggest news appears to be that the pony logo received a makeover. Ford says it's "a more chiseled and defined interpretation of the American icon, galloping proudly on the front grille." Inside, "dual cup holders, concealed beneath a flip door, are deeper for increased capacity." On the site you can enter a contest to win a 2010 Mustang and sign up to receive updates. However, the most entertaining section allows fans to post Mustang stories and photos. Those who have left reminiscences include racers Greg Biffle, John and Ashley Force, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Jack Roush.
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