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Tuned for performance and often boasting premium badges, coupes are the sporty playthings of the fast moving. Coupes are sleeker and often smaller than their 4-door brothers, but their streamlined size still delivers the high-performance experience you crave. And a used coupe offers all the appeal at a more desirable price. See if you can find a new or used coupe that has the price and performance you’re looking for.

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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT unveiled

Ready to commence a new chapter in the illustrious Mercedes-Benz AMG saga, the eagerly anticipated 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT has now been revealed. Designed to be as comfortable on a race track as it is on a cross-country drive, this high-intensity newcomer matches a light, strong and rigid core structure largely crafted from aluminum with equally Read more...

2015 Dodge Viper gets a $15,000 price cut

Hoping to bolster the decidedly grim sales numbers of the high-intensity supercar, Dodge has announced a huge $15,000 price reduction on the 2015 Viper as well as on all of the roughly 600 unsold 2013-2014 SRT-designated versions still on dealer lots. That cut brings the price of a base 2015 Viper SRT to a far more attractive $89,668 including $1,995 in Read more...

Think about a Lexus and a few things are bound to come to mind: comfortable road manners, stellar reliability, excellent resale value and conservative looks. Playing second fiddle, if invited to the concert at all: track-ready performance, youthful energy and sexy design that doesn't mind compromising some interior space for exterior flash.  That Read more...

High Value Meets High Fashion The Hyundai Elantra isn't just one of the most stylish entries in the compact car segment, it's one of the best-looking sedans on the road. But it also offers plenty of features for the money, competitive resale values and the best warranty in the segment, qualifying it as one of the best values in its class. In addition Read more...

The eagerly awaited 2015 Ford Mustang moved one step closer to reality today as the first of the redesigned models began rolling down the assembly line at Ford's facility in Flat Rock, Michigan. In addition to its debut this fall in U.S. showrooms, the sixth-generation Mustang will be the first in the car's celebrated 50-year history to be sold globally Read more...

Automakers have been talking about transitioning to more robust electrical systems for well over a decade to better meet the increasing power demands made by today's state-of-the-art vehicles. Beyond an ever-broadening array of infotainment/telematics packages, advances like full active suspensions and electric compressors that boost engine performance Read more...