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2012 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab What's new for 2012? 
2012 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab

Not much has changed for the 2012 model year as the Equator has three new colors, larger headrests and the RMZ trim level is no longer available with navigation.

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2011 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab What's new for 2011? 
2011 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab

Now in its third full model year, the Equator's most notable point is its continued production. In 2010 stability control was made standard on V6 models, while a semi-integrated Garmin navigation unit was added as an option. For 2011, according to Suzuki, the Equator is "designed to deliver real capability to consumers focused on both the journey and the destination." We think they've made the "journey" a mandatory option.

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2010 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab What's new for 2010? 
2010 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab

For 2010, stability control is made standard in all V6-equipped Equators, and an integrated Garmin navigation system is added to the options list.

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2009 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab What's new for 2009? 
2009 Suzuki Equator Extended Cab

Suzuki has modest sales expectations for their truck but hopes enough Suzuki motorcycle fans want a Suzuki-branded truck to make it worth their while. Helping to bolster the case for the Equator, buyers also enjoy a seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty and reduced purchase prices compared to the nearly identical Nissan Frontier.

About Suzuki Equator Extended Cab

Over the years, the Suzuki Equator has gone up in price but not so much in popularity. While the truck is a spiritual twin to the Nissan Frontier, the Suzuki name badge and the lack of widespread recognition of the company even having automotive products have not done the Equator any favors. Although this may be the case, the 2012 Suzuki Equator is still an aesthetically altered Frontier, which makes it decent competition for others in its class, including the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. The Equator is also backed by one of the best warranties in the business and, while that might not mean a lot to some buyers, it does offer peace of mind.