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As the manufacturer of the best-selling Corolla, it might be hard to imagine why Toyota would feel the need to create the entry-level Scion brand. Truth be told, cars like the Corolla and Toyota Echo lacked the funky style and customizing options craved by young drivers, a void just asking to be filled by new models wearing the Scion badge.

Interesting but not terribly surprising, a lineup of small and fuel-efficient cars found an audience beyond its intended demographic, with empty-nesters and daily commuters listing plenty of reasons to consider the youth-oriented Scion brand. The original offerings included the handy five-door Scion xA, the boxy and unique Scion xB, and the sporty Scion tC coupe. In the years since, the rather forgettable xA has been replaced by the larger and more powerful Scion xD.

Prices range from about $15,000 for a base Scion xD to about $30,000 for a Scion tC loaded up with a plethora of factory and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) options.

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