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Used Rolls-Royce Ghost Sedans

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2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost What's new for 2013? 
2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost

For 2013, the Rolls-Royce Ghost gains a few new features, chief among them a new audio amplifier system with "exciter" speakers sewn into the headliner for better sound dispersion. Also new is an automatic trunk opener that is activated by passing one's foot under the rear bumper. The Ghost's interior is upgraded with new natural-grain leathers and cross-banded wood veneers.

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2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost What's new for 2012? 
2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost

For 2012, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is available in a longer, extended-wheelbase version. At 219.3 inches, it's about half a foot longer than the standard Ghost and offers more than seven inches of additional rear legroom. Also new is a 2-tone bespoke option that creates a similar exterior look to 2-tone versions of the Phantom.

About Rolls-Royce Ghost

One would think that simply owning a 2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost – regular or long-wheelbase version – would be enough. Yet the storied British manufacturer has added a special edition to its Ghost sedan: the V-Specification. In addition to adding 30 more horsepower to the already-powerful V12 engine, the V-Specification gives the Ghost special wheels, embroidered armrests, and other touches, for an additional $20,000. That's a lot, to be sure, but considering the entry price for a Rolls-Royce Ghost is already more than $267,000, we suppose it's not too bad. Besides, anybody shopping for a Rolls-Royce isn't really looking for bargains. In fact, part of the appeal of the brand is its Bespoke division, which can individualize your car however you can imagine...and afford.