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Cargo capacity and tow ratings are as important as ever, but creature comforts now capture a truck buyer's attention as well. Today’s trucks offer a lot more than the rugged bare minimum and have more passenger space and in-cabin technologies than ever before.


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2015 Ram HD Models Claim Best-in-Class Power, Towing and Payload

In a never-ending jockeying for position, Ram officially planted its flag at the top of the power, towing, and payload capacity summit. As reported earlier, Ram was the first of the Detroit Big Three to adopt the Society of Automotive Engineers J2807 protocol for determining maximum tow ratings for its full-size and heavy-duty trucks. Now we have Read more...

2015 Chevrolet Silverado Rally Editions add style and features

Offering a new twist on double cab and crew cab versions of the 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup, the new Silverado Rally Editions are set to start rolling into showrooms later this year. Two versions of the package -- Rally 1 and a more comprehensively enhanced Rally 2 - will be available, with ordering for Silverado double cab variants to start in Read more...

Another Chrysler Group vehicle with military roots, like the Jeep Wrangler, the Ram Power Wagon got its start during a time of world conflict. Although it was originally produced to compete directly against Ford and GMC military truck applications, the Power Wagon was instead offered to the general public first. Production of the Power Wagon began back Read more...

Truck owners are never short on friends. When you own a truck, suddenly you double as a moving company, a plow driver when it snows, and even a tailgating hub before a sporting event. When you're not helping to move your friend's couch or clearing your mother-in-law's driveway of snow, a full-size truck is the ideal ride to eat up miles on a long road Read more...

Keeping truck-buying simple. The Nissan Titan isn't the sales leader in the full-size truck segment, but where the Titan does excel is in simplicity. You can choose extended (King) cab or Crew Cab, short or long bed and two- or four-wheel drive, but there is one engine, one transmission and one axle ratio, making this the easiest half-ton to order on Read more...

In the wild, a Jeep Wrangler can do extraordinary things. I experienced this first-hand two years ago when I tackled the Rubicon in a Wrangler with the same name. As the stock Jeep clawed over terrain that would give a billy goat pause and hopped boulders as big as the 4-wheel-drive vehicle itself, the Wrangler made the impossible possible. Off-road, Read more...

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