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2013 Best Resale Value Awards: Best High Performance Car

Best Resale High Performance Car
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Best High Performance Car:
2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS

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For many purists, the Chevy Camaro just isn't a Camaro unless it packs a big V8 engine. And that's exactly what the SS has, boasting a 6.2-liter V8 that generates 400-plus horsepower. Not long ago, that kind of muscle was reserved for supercars, but today it can be had in a coupe with a base price of $33,535. The icing on the Camaro's cake is that in addition to sticker prices within grasp of many potential buyers, its residual value stands above rivals in the High Performance Car segment.

The 2013 Camaro is known for its ultra-aggressive looks, and the 6.2-liter engine employed in the SS more than backs them up. Versions with a 6-speed automatic transmission boast an even 400 horsepower, while 6-speed manual models are good for a whopping 426 horsepower. Either way, you get a beast that's ready to turn heads while prowling the streets. In addition to its ability to scream to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, the 2013 Camaro SS is relatively adept at attacking the twisties thanks to a multi-link rear suspension.

For its performance prowess, one does not even need to drive the Camaro to appreciate it. Even a few years after its introduction, the latest-generation Chevy Camaro continues to stand out for its bold looks. Just standing still in a parking lot, the Camaro seems to sizzle.

With supercar looks and the performance to back them up, it's easy to see why buyers are still flocking to the Camaro SS. They'll surely enjoy their sports cars now, and will continue to benefit down the road when it comes to superior resale value.

Resale Value at 36 months: 61.3% at 60 months: 44.5%
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