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With a starting price under $24,000, the 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the least-expensive electric car available. Because it is so small, this 4-passenger hatchback can slip into parking spots that even a compact car would have to forgo. But that's largely where the i-MiEV's positive attributes end. In most every other aspect, Mitsubishi's plug-in car is a letdown. Its cabin is crude, its ride is jittery at even moderate speeds, and we found its 62-mile range can drop alarmingly fast. On paper, Mitsubishi's plan to take an existing micro-car platform and bring it to the U.S. as an inexpensive electric vehicle seems logical, but in reality it has flopped. The i-MiEV's price is tempting, but you're better off spending a few thousand more for a Nissan Leaf.