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2013 Lexus GS


2013 Lexus GS Review

KBB Editors' Overview

By Bob Nagy - Updated Date: 2/16/2012

A complete recasting takes the 2013 Lexus GS into a new and impressively elevated plane of existence. Now available in GS 350 or GS 450h hybrid guise, the fourth-generation of this midsize luxury-sport sedan boasts far bolder styling, a more luxurious interior, enhanced driving dynamics and a significantly upgraded powertrain. Those fundamental improvements are complemented by notable new options that strengthen the GS's overall desirability while imparting a more driver-focused character, whether in standard rear-drive (RWD) or available all-wheel drive (AWD) configuration. With this comprehensive redesign, the new Lexus GS series appears ready to mount a serious challenge for the hearts, minds and wallets of sport sedan buyers who might otherwise be considering prime rivals like an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Infiniti M or Jaguar XF.

You'll Like This Car If...

The new look and more sharply honed character finally makes the 2013 GS the kind of first-rate luxury-sport sedan that it could – and should – have been from day one.

You May Not Like This Car If...

Those not sold on the appeal of its L-finesse styling or who still feel that a sport sedan in this segment must have a V8 engine under hood will likely find their happiness lies with GS alternatives like a BMW 5 Series, Infiniti M, Jaguar XF, or Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

What's New for 2013

A full restyle, inside and out, gives the 2013 Lexus GS sedans an edgier appearance an adds new levels of luxury, while extensive re-engineering efforts yield a car that's both more economical and more fun to drive, particularly when fitted with the optional F Sport Package.

Driving It Driving Impressions

An inside-out redesign expands the total performance envelope of every variation in the 2013 GS lineup. A stiffer, stronger unit body, lighter-weight suspension components, and wider track dimensions impart a more confident feel, while the driver-selectable, 3-way (ECO/Normal/Sport) Lexus Drive Mode controller contours the throttle, transmission and power steering maps to make it all the more engaging. Luxury Package/F Sport Package variants feature model-specific variable adaptive suspension tuning with a dedicated "Sport+" setting that increases steering effort and recalibrates limit levels on their respective Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management systems. Adding the optional Lexus Dynamic Handling system that includes both Variable Gear Ratio Steering and Dynamic Rear Steering to a rear-drive F Sport positively transforms the car, making it stunningly agile in transitions. Interestingly enough, the new GS 450h is quicker in a straight line than any GS 350 iteration.

Favorite Features

Lexus Drive Mode

Offering ECO, Normal and Sport settings, this user-selectable electronic assist can fine-tune the throttle and transmission response in all GS sedans to accommodate owner preferences. The Luxury and F Sport Packages add a Sport+ setting that also modifies the adaptive variable suspension and Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management systems.

F Sport Package

Beyond adding visual punch to the GS 350, the chassis/suspension upgrades included in the F Sport Package impart an exhilarating new dimension of dynamic capability to the car – particularly on rear-drive models paired with the Lexus Dynamic Handling system that brings Variable Gear Ratio Steering and Dynamic Rear Steering.

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