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About Honda S2000

Convertibles and roadsters are plentiful these days, but only a handful can truly be called performance oriented. The 2009 Honda S2000 is one of the lucky few, endowed with an incredibly high-strung four-cylinder engine born from years of Honda racing experience. From a normally-aspirated 2.2 liters of displacement, the S2000 engine manages an amazing 237 horsepower and doesn't reach redline until 8000 rpm. Toss in its extremely rigid body and sub-2,900-pound vehicle weight, and the S2000 begins to feel less like a car and more like a four-wheeled motorcycle. Offering more punch than a Mazda MX-5 Miata and costing less than a Porsche Boxster, the S2000 lets the average Joe have his cake and eat it too.