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2011 Honda Element What's new for 2011? 
2011 Honda Element

Last year the Element introduced a "Dog Friendly" package that was, well, dog friendly, with an extendable rear access ramp, padded dog bed, etc. This year it's a "Buyer Friendly" package, with LX and EX variants suffering little in the way of price hikes. Last year's SC trim has been discontinued, as has a manual transmission.

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2010 Honda Element What's new for 2010? 
2010 Honda Element

For 2010, Honda is offering the Element with a "Dog Friendly" package that adds an extendable rear access ramp, soft-sided kennel with padded dog bed, a spill-resistant water bowl, 12-volt rear cooling fan, unique floor mat with dog bone pattern and second-row seat covers.

About Honda Element

In an initiative not unlike that of Toyota's Scion xB, American Honda introduced the Element (December 2002) to what it perceived would be a demographic somewhat different from its mainstream buyer. Described in its launch material as a "rolling dorm room," the Element - with wide-opening cargo doors and wipe-down floors - was all about your more basic instincts, while priced at the low end of Honda's new car showroom. Much to Honda's surprise, buyers - like those for the xB - came from across the consumer spectrum. Activity-oriented 20-somethings showed interest, but so did their 60-something grandparents. Surfboards and snowboards were easily accommodated, as were headboards and armchairs. And if the Element wasn't as expansive as your apartment, at least it could handily move your apartment. The fun, however, has to end sometime, and for this generation of the Element it's the 2011 model year.