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Chrysler's introduction last year of yet another large SUV to an already crowded market might have seemed a little like arriving at a party just as was breaking up. But before the idea of four dollar a gallon gasoline and an economy on the fritz, the rationale seemed logical. While Chrysler felt it was necessary to have a player in this segment the future of the Aspen and other SUV's like it now hangs precariously in the balance. If your budget allows it, 2009 may be the best time to go shopping because there are deals to be made on full-size trucks and SUVS. Despite its less than stellar operating costs, the 2009 Chrysler Aspen is an elegant addition to the large SUV landscape, one that features a hybrid version to help ease fuel economy worries and give buyers a way to remain in the Chrysler family when their own families outgrow the Town & Country minivan.