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2014 Chevrolet Spark Pricing

The Fair Market Range for this car in your area is $11,651 - $12,082.

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What Others Paid
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MSRP $12,995

Fair Purchase Price $11,867
Fair Market Range ($11,651 - $12,082)

Invoice $12,629
"What Others Paid" is based on the last 90 days within the U.S.

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Fair Purchase Price

Updated weekly, the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Purchase Price shows you what others have been paying for this car recently. It's based on current market conditions like vehicle availability, local demand, and seasonal buying trends.

Estimated Out-the-Door Price & Monthly Payment

Fair Purchase Price (without options) $11,042
Your Selected Options (change) $0
Destination Fee (usually fixed and not negotiable) $825
Total Fair Purchase Price $11,867
Estimated Tax & License (for 96801 ZIP code) $535
Out-the-Door Target Price $12,402
Down Payment (based on 20%)
Amount Financed $10,029
Interest Rate
Estimated Payment (for 60 months) $176/mo
Change Options Your Selected Options
In some cases, your selected options may have replaced standard equipment.
Options that you added Display: Selected | All
Exterior Colors Availability MFG Code
Black Granite Metallic 
(Req's Interior Color-AFK)
Available [GAR]
Denim Metallic 
(Req's Interior Color-AFI)
Available [GUC]
Grape Ice Metallic 
(Req's Interior Color-AFK or AFG)
Available [G6B]
Jalapeno Metallic 
(N/A After 8/12/2013)
(Req's Interior Color-AFH)
Available [GJT]
(Req's Interior Color-AFJ)
Available [GUD]
(Late Availability)
(Req's Interior Color-AFK)
Available [G6E]
Silver Ice Metallic 
(Req's Interior Color-AFK)
Available [GAN]
Summit White 
(Req's Interior Color-AFK)
Available [GAZ]
Interior Colors Availability MFG Code
(N/A After 8/12/2013)
(Req's Exterior Color-GJT)
Available [AFH]
(Req's Exterior Color-GUC)
Available [AFI]
(Req's Exterior Color-GAN, GAR, GAZ or G6E)
Available [AFK]
(Req's Exterior Color-GUD)
Available [AFJ]
Emissions Equipment Availability MFG Code
Emission Equipment, California 
(Req'd in CA)
Available [YF5]
Emission Equipment, CT/DE/MA/MD/ME/NJ/NY/OR/PA/RI/VT/WA 
(Req'd in CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT or WA)
Available [NE1]
Emission Equipment, Federal  Standard [FE9]
Emission Equipment Override, California 
(Allows Dealers in CA, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI or WA that Require CA Emission Equipment-YF5 to Order Federal Emission Equipment-FE9 for a Vehicle that will be Registered in a State that has Federal Emission Requirements) (Req's Emission Equipment-FE9)
Available [NB8]
Emission Equipment Override, Federal 
(Req's Emission Equipment-YF5 or NE1)
Available [NC7]
Emission Equipment Override, State-Specific 
(Allows Dealers w/Emission Equipment-YF5 to Order Emission Equipment-NE1 or Dealers w/Emission Equipment-NE1 to Order Emission Equipment-YF5)
Available [NB9]
Engine Availability MFG Code
4-Cyl, ECOTEC, 1.2 Liter 
[Includes] 6500 rpm Max Engine Speed.
Standard [LL0]
Transmission Availability MFG Code
Manual, 5-Spd  Standard [MX2]
Mandatory Equipment Packages Availability MFG Code
Option Pkg 
(See Std Equipment Listing)
Standard [1SA]
Accessory Equipment Packages Availability MFG Code
Winter/Summer Floor Mats Pkg 
(Late Availability - Limited Availability)
Available [PCN]
Seats Availability MFG Code
Seat Trim, Cloth  Standard [ESB]
Seats, Bucket  Standard [AV5]
Interior Availability MFG Code
Floor Mats, All Weather (Installed by Dealer) 
(Late Availability - Limited Availability)
(Std w/Winter/Summer Floor Mats Pkg-PCN)
Available [VAV]
Floor Mats, Z-Spec (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(Std w/Winter/Summer Floor Mats Pkg-PCN)
Available [RWS]
Interior Trim, Blue (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(Req's Denim Exterior Color-GUC)
Available [WGT]
Interior Trim, Green (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability - N/A After 8/19/2013)
(Req's Jalapeno Exterior Color-GJT)
Available [WGM]
Interior Trim, Silver (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
Available [WGL]
Interior Trim, White (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(Req's White Exterior Color-GAZ)
Available [WGK]
Pedal Kit, Sport (Installed by Dealer) 
Models w/Manual Trans-MX2 (Limited Availability)
Available [SBZ]
Lighting and Mirrors Availability MFG Code
Fog Lights, Front (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
Available [S3U]
Exterior Availability MFG Code
Grille, Z-Spec (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
Available [VAS]
Cargo and Towing Availability MFG Code
Cargo Mat, All Weather (Installed by Dealer) 
(Late Availability - Limited Availability)
Available [VLI]
Mechanical Availability MFG Code
Heater, Engine Block  Available [K05]
Tires Availability MFG Code
P185/55R15 BSW  Standard [RBC]
Special Fees Availability MFG Code
New Jersey Surcharge 
(Pricing Not Yet Available)
(Req'd on All Vehicles Ordered in NJ) (May be Refunded on NJ Orders Delivered or Registered Outside NJ) (See Dealer for Details)
Available [R6M]
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Fuel Economy
34 mpg


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84 hp


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