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2014 Chevrolet Express 1500 Cargo Specs

The Fair Market Range for this car in your area is $25,403 - $26,408.

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MSRP $28,705

Fair Purchase Price $25,906
Fair Market Range ($25,403 - $26,408)

Invoice $26,765

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Vehicle Highlights
Fuel Economy:
City 14/Hwy 19/Comb 16 MPG
Max Seating: 2
Doors: 3 Engine: V6, 4.3 Liter
Drivetrain: RWD Transmission: Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive
EPA Class: Vans, Cargo Type Body Style: Van
Country of Origin: United States Country of Assembly: United States
Change Options Your Selected Options
In some cases, your selected options may have replaced standard equipment.
Options that you added Display: Selected | All
Exterior Colors Availability MFG Code
(N/A w/Trim-B46) (Req's an Interior Color)
Available [41U]
Brownstone Metallic 
(N/A w/Interior Color-93)
Available [GWX]
Cyber Gray Metallic 
(N/A w/Interior Color-52)
Available [GBV]
Dark Blue Metallic 
(Req's an Interior Color)
Available [25U]
Dark Green Metallic 
(Req's an Interior Color)
Available [47U]
Silver Ice Metallic 
(N/A w/Interior Color-52)
Available [GAN]
Summit White 
(Req's an Interior Color)
Available [50U]
Victory Red 
(N/A w/Trim-B46) (Req's an Interior Color)
Available [74U]
Wheatland Yellow 
(N/A w/Trim-B46) (Req's an Interior Color)
Available [86U]
Interior Colors Availability MFG Code
Medium Pewter 
(N/A w/Exterior Color-GWX) (Last Character Refers to Seat Trim)
Available [93*]
(N/A w/Exterior Color-GBV or GAN) (Last Character Refers to Seat Trim)
Available [52*]
Emissions Equipment Availability MFG Code
Emission Equipment, California 
(Req'd in CA)
Available [YF5]
Emission Equipment, CT/DE/MA/MD/ME/NJ/NY/OR/PA/RI/VT/WA 
(Req'd in CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT & WA)
Available [NE1]
Emission Equipment, Federal  Standard [FE9]
Emission Equipment Override, California 
(Allows Dealers in CA, CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI or WA that Require CA Emission Equipment-YF5 to Order Federal Emission Equipment-FE9 for a Vehicle that will be Registered in a State that has Federal Emission Requirements) (Req's Emission Equipment-FE9)
Available [NB8]
Emission Equipment Override, Federal 
(Req's Emission Equipment-YF5 or NE1)
Available [NC7]
Emission Equipment Override, State-Specific 
(Allows Dealers w/Emission Equipment-YF5 to Order Emission Equipment-NE1 or Dealers w/Emission Equipment-NE1 to Order Emission Equipment-YF5)
Available [NB9]
Engine Availability MFG Code
V6, 4.3 Liter  Standard [LU3]
V8, Flex Fuel, 5.3 Liter  Available [LMF]
Transmission Availability MFG Code
Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive  Standard [M30]
Mandatory Equipment Packages Availability MFG Code
Option Pkg 
(See Std Equipment Listing)
Standard [1WT]
Accessory Equipment Packages Availability MFG Code
Access Pkg 
(N/A w/Air Conditioning-C69, Air Conditioning Delete-R6G, Bulkhead Divider-VLP or VLW, Communication System-UE1, Doors-E26, Radio-UYS, Door-YA2, Heater-C36 or Glass Pkg-ZW4 or ZW6) (Req's White Exterior Color-50U) [Includes] Remote Control Engine Start & Keyless Remote Control Entry System.
Available [PRP]
Access Plus Pkg 
(Req's Access Pkg-PRP) [Includes] Chrome Appearance Pkg, Enhanced Lighting Pkg, Dual Heated Power Mirrors w/Manual Fold & Chrome Center Caps Wheel Trim.
Available [PCR]
Appearance Pkg, Chrome 
(Std w/Access Plus Pkg-PCR) [Includes] Chrome F&R Bumpers w/Rear Step & Chrome Grille.
Available [ZR7]
Cold Climate Pkg 
[Includes] Engine Block Heater.
Available [V10]
Convenience Pkg 
[Includes] Speed Control & Tilt Steering Wheel.
Available [ZQ3]
Glass Pkg, Fixed Full Body 
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP) [Includes] Inside Manual Day/Night Mirror.
Available [ZW6]
Glass Pkg, Fixed Rear Cargo Door 
[Includes] Inside Manual Day/Night Mirror.
Available [ZW2]
Glass Pkg, Fixed Side & Rear Cargo Door 
[Includes] Inside Manual Day/Night Mirror.
Available [ZW3]
Glass Pkg, Fixed Side, RH Rear & Rear Cargo Door 
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP) [Includes] Inside Manual Day/Night Mirror.
Available [ZW4]
Lighting Pkg, Enhanced 
(Std w/Access Plus Pkg-PCR) (Req's Access Pkg-PRP) [Includes] (3) Access Panel & (2) Cargo Comp't Lights.
Available [UF2]
Smoker's Pkg 
[Includes] Ashtray & Cigarette Lighter.
Available [DT4]
Trailering Equipment, HD 
[Includes] 7-Pin Trailer Harness Connector & Trailer Hitch Platform.
Available [Z82]
Comfort and Convenience Availability MFG Code
Air Conditioning Delete 
(N/A w/Defroster-C49, Mirrors-DE5 or Access Pkg-PRP)
Available [R6G]
Air Conditioning, Rear 
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP) [Includes] 145-Amp Alternator & Auxiliary Rear Heater.
Available [C69]
Console, Deluxe Engine Cover w/Covered Storage 
(Std w/Seats-AS5)
Available [BA3]
Engine Start, Remote Control 
(Std w/Access Pkg-PRP) (Req's Entry System-ATG)
Available [BTV]
Entry System, Keyless Remote Control 
(Std w/Access Pkg-PRP)
Available [ATG]
Heater, Auxiliary Rear 
(Std w/Air Conditioning-C69) (N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP)
Available [C36]
Sun Visors, Dual Vinyl  Available [DAA]
Steering Availability MFG Code
Steering Wheel, Leather-Wrapped 
(Req's Radio-US8 or UYS) [Includes] Steering Wheel Touch Controls. (Req's Convenience Pkg-ZQ3)
Available [NP5]
Entertainment and Instrumentation Availability MFG Code
Antenna Kit 
(Req's Communication System-UE1) [Includes] Additional Antenna, Cable & Ground Plate.
Available [G7K]
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity 
(Req's Radio-US8 or UYS & Steering Wheel-NP5) (Req's Convenience Pkg-ZQ3 & Communication System-UE1)
Available [UPF]
Communication System, OnStar 
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP or Radio Prep Delete-UL5) (Req's Radio-UM7, U1C, US8 or UYS) [Includes] Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Audio-Turn-by-Turn Navigation & 6-mos of Directions & Connections Service.
Available [UE1]
Radio, AM/FM Stereo 
[Includes] Digital Clock.
Available [UM7]
Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/CD 
(N/A w/Steering Wheel-NP5) [Includes] Digital Clock.
Available [U1C]
Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/CD & MP3 
Models w/Communication System-UE1
[Includes] Digital Clock & SiriusXM Radio Feature w/3-mos of All Access Service.
Available [US8]
Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/CD & MP3 
Models w/o Communication System-UE1
[Includes] Digital Clock.
Available [US8]
Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/CD/DVD, MP3 & Navigation System 
[Includes] Digital Clock, SiriusXM Radio Feature w/3-mos of All Access Service & USB Port. (N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP) (Req's Communication System-UE1)
Available [UYS]
Radio Prep Delete 
(N/A w/Communication System-UE1)
Available [UL5]
Temperature Display, O/S 
(Req's Appearance Pkg-ZR7)
Available [UFA]
Safety and Security Availability MFG Code
Park Assist, Rear 
(Req's Radio-UM7, US8 or UYS)
Available [UD7]
R/V Camera 
[Models w/o Radio-UYS] Include Inside Manual Day/Night Mirror.
Available [UVC]
Restraint System Delete, RH Air Bag 
(N/A w/Seat Arrangement-ZX2)
Available [AJ3]
Security Screen, Rear Window (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(N/A w/Glass-A18) (Req's Glass Pkg-ZW2, ZW3, ZW4 or ZW6)
Available [VLU]
Seats Availability MFG Code
Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power Driver's 
(Req's Seats-AS5)
Available [AG1]
Seat Arrangement, Driver's & Passenger's 
(N/A w/Restraint System Delete-AJ3)
Standard [ZX2]
Seat Trim, Custom Cloth 
(Req's Seats-AS5) (First Two Characters Refer to Interior Color)
Available [**G]
Seat Trim, Vinyl 
(First Two Characters Refer to Interior Color)
Standard [**W]
Seats, Bucket 
Models w/Cloth Seat Trim-G
(Req's Seat Trim-G) [Includes] Deluxe Engine Cover Console w/Covered Storage.
Available [AS5]
Seats, Bucket 
Models w/Vinyl Seat Trim-W
(Req's Seat Trim-W)
Standard [AR7]
Interior Availability MFG Code
Door Trim Panels Delete, Rear Side & Rear  Available [R6S]
Floor Covering Delete, Vinyl Rear  Available [RFM]
Trim, Color-Keyed Rear Halo 
(N/A w/Black-41U, Victory Red-74U or Yellow-86U Exterior Color)
Available [B46]
Roof and Glass Availability MFG Code
Defroster, Rear Window 
(N/A w/Air Conditioning Delete-R6G) (Req's Glass-AJ1 & A18)
Available [C49]
Glass, Deep Tinted 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW2
(Req's Glass-A19 or A18)
Available [AJ1]
Glass, Deep Tinted 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW3
(Req's Glass-A19 or A18)
Available [AJ1]
Glass, Deep Tinted 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW4
(Req's Glass-A19 or A18)
Available [AJ1]
Glass, Deep Tinted 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW6
(Req's Glass-A19 or A18)
Available [AJ1]
Glass, Swing-Out Rear Cargo Door 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW2
(N/A w/Security Screen-VLU)
Available [A18]
Glass, Swing-Out Rear Cargo Door 
Models w/Glass Pkg-ZW3, ZW4 or ZW6
(N/A w/Security Screen-VLU) (Req's Glass-A19)
Available [A18]
Glass, Swing-Out Side & Rear Cargo Door 
(Req's Glass-A18 & Glass Pkg-ZW3, ZW4 or ZW6)
Available [A19]
Windows Delete, Power 
(N/A w/Mirrors-DE5) (Replaces Std Power Windows with Manual Windows)
Available [R8J]
Lighting and Mirrors Availability MFG Code
Mirror, Inside Manual Day/Night 
(Pricing Not Yet Available)
(Std w/Glass Pkg-ZW2, ZW3, ZW4 & ZW6) (Std w/R/V Camera-UVC ex When in Combo w/Radio-UYS)
Available [D31]
Mirrors, Dual Heated Power w/Manual Fold 
(N/A w/Air Conditioning Delete-R6G or Windows Delete-R8J) (Std w/Access Plus Pkg-PCR)
Available [DE5]
Exterior Availability MFG Code
Bumpers, Chrome F&R w/Rear Step 
(Std w/Appearance Pkg-ZR7)
Available [V37]
Door, Sliding RH 
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP or Doors-E26)
Available [YA2]
Doors, Swing-Out Split LH 
(N/A After 2/12/2014)
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP, Tire Delete-ZX9 or Door-YA2)
Available [E26]
Horn, Dual Note  Available [U05]
Paint, Solid  Standard [ZY1]
Side Steps, Molded (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
Available [VXW]
Cargo and Towing Availability MFG Code
Body, Standard  Standard [ZW9]
Bulkhead Divider, (Installed by Dealer) 
Models w/Door (Limited Availability)
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP)
Available [VLW]
Bulkhead Divider, (Installed by Dealer) 
Models w/o Door (Limited Availability)
(N/A w/Access Pkg-PRP)
Available [VLP]
Ladder Rack, Swing-Out (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(N/A w/Roof Rails-VLL)
Available [VLV]
Roof Rails, Removable (Installed by Dealer) 
(Limited Availability)
(N/A w/Ladder Rack-VLV)
Available [VLL]
Trailer Harness Connector, 7-Pin 
(Std w/Trailering Equipment-Z82)
Available [UY7]
GVWR and Payload Pkgs Availability MFG Code
GVWR, 7300-lb 
(2360-lb Payload on RWD Models; 1995-lb Paylaod on AWD Models)
Standard [C6A]
Electrical Availability MFG Code
Alternator, 145-Amp 
(Std w/Air Conditioning-C69)
Standard [KG3]
Battery, HD 770-cca  Available [UA1]
Mechanical Availability MFG Code
Axle, Locking Rear  Available [G80]
Axle Ratio, 3.42  Standard [GU6]
Axle Ratio, 3.73 
(Req's LMF 5.3L Engine)
Available [GT4]
Wheels Availability MFG Code
Wheel Trim, Chrome Center Caps 
(Std w/Access Plus Pkg-PCR)
Available [P03]
Tires Availability MFG Code
P245/70R17 BSW 
(This Option is Coded XPR for Front, YPR for Rear & ZPR for Spare) (Must be Coded Separately)
Tire Delete, Spare 
(N/A w/Doors-E26)
Available [ZX9]
Special Fees Availability MFG Code
New Jersey Surcharge 
(Pricing Not Yet Available)
(Req'd on All Vehicles Ordered in NJ) (May be Refunded on NJ Orders Delivered or Registered Outside NJ) (See Dealer for Details)
Available [R6M]
Engine V6, 4.3 Liter
Horsepower 195 @ 4600 RPM
Torque 260 @ 2800 RPM
Fuel Economy City 14/Hwy 19/Comb 16 MPG
Bore x Stroke 4.00 x 3.48
Compression Ratio 9.2
Fuel Type Gas
Fuel Induction Sequential Fuel Injection
Valve Train Overhead Valve
Valves Per Cylinder 2
Total Number Valves 12
Transmission Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive
Drivetrain RWD
Transfer Case -
Fuel Capacity 31.0 gallons
Wheel Base 135.0 inches
Overall Length 224.1 inches
Width with Mirrors 79.2 inches
Width without Mirrors -
Height 82.6 inches
Curb Weight 4918 lbs.
Tires / Wheel Size P245/70R17
Rear Tires / Wheel Size -
Turning Diameter 43.4 feet
Standard Axle Ratio 3.42
Minimum Ground Clearance 7.4 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance -
Maximum GVWR 7300 lbs.
Maximum Towing 6700 lbs.
Payload Base Capacity 2360 lbs.
Head Room: Front 39.8 inches
Head Room: Rear -
Leg Room: Front 41.3 inches
Leg Room: Rear -
Shoulder Room: Front 68.8 inches
Shoulder Room: Rear -
EPA Passenger -
EPA Trunk or Cargo 270.4 cu.ft.
EPA Total Interior -
Truck Bed Volume -
Standard Airbag Driver
Front Head Curtain
Child Door Locks Standard
Engine Immobilizer Standard
Traction Control -
Communication System -
Warranty Information
Basic 3 years or 36000 miles
Powertrain 5 years or 100000 miles
Corrosion/Rust Thru 6 years or 100000 miles
Roadside Assistance Program 5 years or 100000 miles
Non-Transferable Powertrain -
Hybrid/Electric Components -

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