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KBB Expert Ratings Countdown: Suzuki

Posted 7/17/2013 12:18 PM
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The SX4, a brand new model from Suzuki, joins a small group of all-wheel-drive hatchbacks favored by young buyers who want a low-end, compact-sized carry-all. A friendly little car with a distinctive design, the SX4 fits nicely into the economy-plus-power niche that the budget-conscious buyer seeks. Suzuki predicts huge growth in the compact five-door hatchback market in deference to fuel prices and the decline of large SUVs. With an engine designed by General Motors and built in Japan, the SX4 is assembled in Hungary, handy production locations for a model that Suzuki plans to sell as a world car. Sales of the carmaker's entire lineup have soared over the last two years, with Suzuki increasingly recognized as a reputable, reliable maker of market-driven, inexpensive models.