Volvo S60 Concept: Stylish Swede

By Editors on January 30, 2009 10:46 AM
Volvo's S60 has always stood apart visually from the bulk of its competitors, and the S60 Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show reveals that the Swedish automaker intends to widen that gap. Gone are the car's squared off shoulders and sharp creases, replaced by an unbroken wave-like line that runs the length of the vehicle. Other fluid features include a hand-crafted Orrefors crystal floating center stack and single-piece floating front seats with built-in armrests and seatbelts. The most unusual design element is found inside the sweeping headlights, where the unfurled sails of two tiny Viking longboats are used to project light from the LED bulbs. It's a nice touch, but we hope those lights don't shine in the direction of the Jaguar or Land Rover exhibits for fear that panic could break out, as it did in and around the ninth century when the Vikings were raiding the British Isles.