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Volvo Fast-Tracking its 2010 S60 with a Free Racing Simulation Game

By Editors on May 5, 2009 4:23 PM
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You won't be able to drive a production version of Volvo's all-new 2010 S60 until sometime early next year; but starting May 26, you will be able to get a taste of what's to come by slipping behind the wheel of a virtual version of the S60 Concept. To make it happen, the automaker teamed with another Swedish star, SimBin Development Team, to create a novel showcase in the form of a PC-based simulation called "Volvo - The Game," which will be available for free downloads from the Volvo Cars website. SimBin, best known as the award-winning creator of motorsport-related PC and arcade titles like GTR, GT Legends and the just-released Race Pro, rose to this challenge with a more focused driving/racing experience that allows players to flog a meticulously rendered virtual S60 Concept, as well as several other Volvo racing cars, around two different and equally well-detailed circuits. With three levels of difficulty and the chance to win prizes -- along with seeing your name on a leader board posted on the company's website -- it has the makings of a pretty slick bit of right-priced viral marketing.

According to Michael Persson, Director Global Marketing Communication, Volvo - The Game provided a unique opportunity to introduce the S60, both Concept and production, to a much larger target group and to give them an insiders look at how the corporate culture has shaped its products. "In an impassioned way and in an unusual environment, we are able to expose the interior and exterior design of Volvo cars. As an extra bonus we also have the opportunity to show the players how we have worked in a focused way over the years to enhance and develop our Scandinavian design." Exactly how many additional S60's it manages to sell remains to be seen, but Volvo - The Game looks like it's worth taking for a quick spin, or perhaps a four-wheel drift.

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