Top 10 Road Trip Cars for 2011

By Editors on May 18, 2011 2:15 PM

From the time we're born until the time we roll down that final highway it seems the majority of us love road trips. The promise of new vistas, the hope that there is greener grass on the other side of the hill, the expectation that what comes next will be better than what has come before, all create in us a desire to get in the car and get gone. Who among us doesn't remember a special family vacation, college trip or spring break adventure rolling down that long, lonesome highway?  And who among us has not had the sudden urge to simply get in the car, point it out of town and hit the gas?

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Each year we at Kelley Blue Book speak to these urges and desires that dwell within us by choosing the Top 10 Road Trips Cars.  This time around, as an added public service, we have not only identified the 10 cars we feel are the best choices, but we have also indicated the "life stage" for which each car is most appropriate.  Are you a student?  We have a road trip car for you.  Going through a midlife crisis?  We have a road trip car for you.  Ready to enjoy your golden years?  We have a...well, you get it.  No matter where you are in this giant road trip we call life, there is a car that can make the journey that much better.  Here, without further ado, is Kelley Blue Book's 2011 list of Top 10 Road Trip Cars.  Enjoy.